Thursday, December 31, 2009

Too Greedy to Care

Our political system is not designed to care for the well being of people, and it dosen't produce ethics. The monetary system is the system of our U.S politics. It was designed for profit and doesn't represent the interest of the majority of the population. Corruption from the largest corporations that control the world is the foundation of the monetary system. The United States is not a democracy, but a dictatorship of the super rich.

The main reason that corporate greed has infected our actions and behavior is because of our value to be good consumers. A person is valued for the money he or she controls, rather than the integrity of his or her character. HMOs are a perfect example of this infected greed which interfere with doctors judgements. Doctors usually have to get permission from accountants before they can use expensive treatments.

A political system with a large middle class checks the opposing extremes of the rich and poor. In the political system we have now, the middle class is getting smaller while the poor and very rich is getting bigger. The gap between the poor and very rich is also increasing. There is no tie between corporate profits and better wages for workers, and when people are poor and have to work harder for less money, they have less time and energy for politics.

We all should ask ourselves; How can the redesign of our political system influence human behavior for the better values of our society? We should also ask ourselves; How can the U.S. political system evolve toward a society that is not organized around the interest of banks and corporations making war? The goal of the political system should be to enrich the ethical, cultural, and social fabric of society.

Ending the CIA should be the first step for changing the political system. This is a perfect time for President Obama to create a plan to abolish the CIA and transfer its activities to the State Department and Pentagon. Abolishing the CIA would put a stop to the large duplication of information and the waste of spending $30 billion for the intelligence budget. Abolishing the CIA would also make it easier for President Obama to abolish the Federal Reserve system, and not fear that the CIA will conspire to kill him like they did President Kennedy. Then instead of $250 billion in interest a year going to banks, the money can be given to the poor to create a larger middle class.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

To Many to Fail

Because close to 9 million people are getting jobless benefits, and because unemployment has slowed down the United States' economic recovery, bailing out the companies that create the most new employment should have been the priority for helping to end the recession. Since small businesses create close to 60 percent of new employment, bailout money would be more effective when given to small businesses. The pace of the economic recovery could be expected to speed up with lower unemployment because more employed consumers spending would help the economy grow. Lower unemployment would also cause smaller taxes on businesses for jobless insurance claims.

The majority of small business owners know that the constitution established the United States as a Republic. Our government's sovereign power is in representatives elected by the people, not a Democracy, where people exercise the powers of sovereignty in person. They also know the Revolutionary War accomplished ending rule by England for a new rule of the founding Father's own money interests, and not the majority of the peoples interests. Small business owners are intelligent enough to know the Federal government is controlled by the large corporations and banks.

Helping more of the majority of the small business owners with the bailout bennefits of the corporations and banks will gradually end the myth that the United States is a democracy, and will slowly become a reality. As the interests of more people are represented, such as small business owners, more people will begin to vote because they will have more power in the decision making process, and control will be more with the majority rather than the minority. Then someday, when the majority of the peoples interests are represented, we will be able to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Democracy which it stands, instead of to the Republic which it stands.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Money can be Spiritual

Money isn't the root of evil, lack of money and greed is. Evil can be defined as that which produces unhapiness. We can then assume poverty and the lack of help from the rich in giving money to the poor is evil. Money is actually good and can be defined as spiritual when used in the right way.

A person develops mentally by using things, and society is organized that people must have money to possess things. The system of money is good because it makes possible the accumulation of things without causing them to spoil. But the main reasons money is good is because it helps us develop mentally, socially, and can be used for spiritual, moral purposes.

Money allows people to develop their minds more by using mathmatics. People are forced to use addition and subtraction when buying and selling things. So the use of money isn't just about the material, but the immaterial. And the spiritual can be defined as immaterial, relating to the mind.

The use of money allows people to develop more socially by forcing people to communicate with others for the purchase of things. Money can also be considered spiritual when used to help people have knowlege, necessities, and health care.

The powerful members of society in the past didn't trick people of the world into inequality. The founders of society didn't find people naive enough to believe in their system of society, but they used weapons to force helpless people to accept their laws. The founders used violent force to satisfy their evil greed. The founders of society that took land, property, and resources by violent force from the helpless people of the world is the root of poverty, inequality, and evil.

The cure to solve this evil problem of inequality isn't more capitalism, but unitarianism. Some of the wealthiest members of society are generous, and they are the ones that can help the most people. Using money to help people can promote equality and spiritual hapiness for both the giver and reciever.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Homelessness is to Big not to Care

With foreclosures up, and with over 120,000 chronically homeless, it is critical to make changes to create a system of public housing available for all people in the United States. If we have universal public housing, we will have the most needed system for the homeless people in the United States. The homeless population is to big not to care.

We do not need any bailout money to create this plan of universal public housing. In fact, a survey proved it would cost taxpayers less to promote public housing than to let people live on the streets. According to the survey, it cost taxpayers more for a homeless person to live on the street for two years because of the constant visits to medical facilities. The constant convictions of the homeless person and the time spent in correctional facilities is also a contributing factor to the high cost picked up by the public. But it cost taxpayers $80,256 less to provide housing to a homeless person for two years. This survey proves it is more cost effective and a good reason for taxpayers to provide housing for the homeless.

But saving the taxpayers money shouldn't be the main reason to create universal public housing in the United States. The main reason is because it is the humane, caring, and moral action to take. Researchers have proved the former homeless people having the chance to get public housing improved in their quality of life. Many of them got off drugs and alcohol and found permanent jobs.

If you are a humane person you should hope for a President that will see universal public housing as a priority to put on the political agenda. Everybody having a home in the United States is more important than economic growth. The big corporations can afford to fail, but like food and water, having shelter or a home is a necessity of life.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Deficit is The Rich Man's Investment

The poor man's recession is the rich man's investment. The deficit system we have now eventually becomes more money for banks when the government inevitably pays back the money borrowed with ten percent interest. The economy the European bankers and money lords of America monopolized can be abolished by a simple majority vote in congress. President Barrack Obama has the perfect opportunity to reappeal the Federal Reserve Act. So that Bank members don't have control of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and our taxes don't go to paying these banks the extra ten percent interest. This is the system that President Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy wanted. They wanted U.S notes with no interest being paid back to banks. It is time to destroy the greedy system the rich bankers created for our U.S economy.

It is also time for the United States to invest our tax money to new people that haven't had the opportunity to prove themselves. The bailouts should go to the poorest people, not the rich corrupt executives who have controlled this country from the beginning. The Executives have proved to make bad decisions which caused their corporations to fail, and for that reason they shouldn't be given any bailout money. They are the ones that caused the economy to go into a recession in the first place, and unfairly they get to keep their milllions of dollors that they don't deserve. The poor people should have a chance to prove themselves. Forty-million of the poorest people in the U.S. should be given twenty-thousand dollors a piece to stimulate the economy in the direction people need it the most. The poorest people in the world shoud have the equal opportunity to help the economy as the rich executives had. The rich executives already had their chance and failed to help the economy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The truth of Call of True Love

There is so much more to tell about my screen play. I've incorporated some of my true supernatural experiences in my screen play, Call of True Love. Halloween night, hypnotizing Carlos, and putting Jim and my self in a trance are my true experiences. Remember positive energy the legacy must go on!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tweeter Followers Supernatural experiences

Kelmaha: nice to meet you, I am into the supernatural, I believe in it all. Have a wonderful week.

Derric: I can tell by your message that you have had supernatural experiences. I would like to hear about them. Lets continue to meet.

Kelmaha: I see them (spirits) most the time. I also can hear them, they also play tricks on me, when I am drinking something.

My dead grandma told me in a dream, when my dad would die! She came back a year later to say his brother was next!
I've had several UFO/Being encounters, starting when I was about 8, at night in the children's ward of the hospital. At 8 I was hospitalized 4 1 month 4 mysterious rash head to toe. 1 late nite woke up and saw a black shadow on wall. A Captin Kangaroo Character; "Mr. Tap-Toe" w/top hat dancing toward me. I blacked out! I asked the nurse next morning. The nurse said there was no such kids entertainment, that I was dreaming! 7 years later, I told my sister. She to had late night sighting on wall in the hospital when she was in for observation of a condition, where she couldn't walk!