Thursday, December 31, 2009

Too Greedy to Care

Our political system is not designed to care for the well being of people, and it dosen't produce ethics. The monetary system is the system of our U.S politics. It was designed for profit and doesn't represent the interest of the majority of the population. Corruption from the largest corporations that control the world is the foundation of the monetary system. The United States is not a democracy, but a dictatorship of the super rich.

The main reason that corporate greed has infected our actions and behavior is because of our value to be good consumers. A person is valued for the money he or she controls, rather than the integrity of his or her character. HMOs are a perfect example of this infected greed which interfere with doctors judgements. Doctors usually have to get permission from accountants before they can use expensive treatments.

A political system with a large middle class checks the opposing extremes of the rich and poor. In the political system we have now, the middle class is getting smaller while the poor and very rich is getting bigger. The gap between the poor and very rich is also increasing. There is no tie between corporate profits and better wages for workers, and when people are poor and have to work harder for less money, they have less time and energy for politics.

We all should ask ourselves; How can the redesign of our political system influence human behavior for the better values of our society? We should also ask ourselves; How can the U.S. political system evolve toward a society that is not organized around the interest of banks and corporations making war? The goal of the political system should be to enrich the ethical, cultural, and social fabric of society.

Ending the CIA should be the first step for changing the political system. This is a perfect time for President Obama to create a plan to abolish the CIA and transfer its activities to the State Department and Pentagon. Abolishing the CIA would put a stop to the large duplication of information and the waste of spending $30 billion for the intelligence budget. Abolishing the CIA would also make it easier for President Obama to abolish the Federal Reserve system, and not fear that the CIA will conspire to kill him like they did President Kennedy. Then instead of $250 billion in interest a year going to banks, the money can be given to the poor to create a larger middle class.

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