Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Homelessness is to Big not to Care

With foreclosures up, and with over 120,000 chronically homeless, it is critical to make changes to create a system of public housing available for all people in the United States. If we have universal public housing, we will have the most needed system for the homeless people in the United States. The homeless population is to big not to care.

We do not need any bailout money to create this plan of universal public housing. In fact, a survey proved it would cost taxpayers less to promote public housing than to let people live on the streets. According to the survey, it cost taxpayers more for a homeless person to live on the street for two years because of the constant visits to medical facilities. The constant convictions of the homeless person and the time spent in correctional facilities is also a contributing factor to the high cost picked up by the public. But it cost taxpayers $80,256 less to provide housing to a homeless person for two years. This survey proves it is more cost effective and a good reason for taxpayers to provide housing for the homeless.

But saving the taxpayers money shouldn't be the main reason to create universal public housing in the United States. The main reason is because it is the humane, caring, and moral action to take. Researchers have proved the former homeless people having the chance to get public housing improved in their quality of life. Many of them got off drugs and alcohol and found permanent jobs.

If you are a humane person you should hope for a President that will see universal public housing as a priority to put on the political agenda. Everybody having a home in the United States is more important than economic growth. The big corporations can afford to fail, but like food and water, having shelter or a home is a necessity of life.

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