Thursday, December 17, 2009

To Many to Fail

Because close to 9 million people are getting jobless benefits, and because unemployment has slowed down the United States' economic recovery, bailing out the companies that create the most new employment should have been the priority for helping to end the recession. Since small businesses create close to 60 percent of new employment, bailout money would be more effective when given to small businesses. The pace of the economic recovery could be expected to speed up with lower unemployment because more employed consumers spending would help the economy grow. Lower unemployment would also cause smaller taxes on businesses for jobless insurance claims.

The majority of small business owners know that the constitution established the United States as a Republic. Our government's sovereign power is in representatives elected by the people, not a Democracy, where people exercise the powers of sovereignty in person. They also know the Revolutionary War accomplished ending rule by England for a new rule of the founding Father's own money interests, and not the majority of the peoples interests. Small business owners are intelligent enough to know the Federal government is controlled by the large corporations and banks.

Helping more of the majority of the small business owners with the bailout bennefits of the corporations and banks will gradually end the myth that the United States is a democracy, and will slowly become a reality. As the interests of more people are represented, such as small business owners, more people will begin to vote because they will have more power in the decision making process, and control will be more with the majority rather than the minority. Then someday, when the majority of the peoples interests are represented, we will be able to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Democracy which it stands, instead of to the Republic which it stands.

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