Saturday, June 20, 2009

The truth of Call of True Love

There is so much more to tell about my screen play. I've incorporated some of my true supernatural experiences in my screen play, Call of True Love. Halloween night, hypnotizing Carlos, and putting Jim and my self in a trance are my true experiences. Remember positive energy the legacy must go on!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tweeter Followers Supernatural experiences

Kelmaha: nice to meet you, I am into the supernatural, I believe in it all. Have a wonderful week.

Derric: I can tell by your message that you have had supernatural experiences. I would like to hear about them. Lets continue to meet.

Kelmaha: I see them (spirits) most the time. I also can hear them, they also play tricks on me, when I am drinking something.

My dead grandma told me in a dream, when my dad would die! She came back a year later to say his brother was next!
I've had several UFO/Being encounters, starting when I was about 8, at night in the children's ward of the hospital. At 8 I was hospitalized 4 1 month 4 mysterious rash head to toe. 1 late nite woke up and saw a black shadow on wall. A Captin Kangaroo Character; "Mr. Tap-Toe" w/top hat dancing toward me. I blacked out! I asked the nurse next morning. The nurse said there was no such kids entertainment, that I was dreaming! 7 years later, I told my sister. She to had late night sighting on wall in the hospital when she was in for observation of a condition, where she couldn't walk!