Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Money can be Spiritual

Money isn't the root of evil, lack of money and greed is. Evil can be defined as that which produces unhapiness. We can then assume poverty and the lack of help from the rich in giving money to the poor is evil. Money is actually good and can be defined as spiritual when used in the right way.

A person develops mentally by using things, and society is organized that people must have money to possess things. The system of money is good because it makes possible the accumulation of things without causing them to spoil. But the main reasons money is good is because it helps us develop mentally, socially, and can be used for spiritual, moral purposes.

Money allows people to develop their minds more by using mathmatics. People are forced to use addition and subtraction when buying and selling things. So the use of money isn't just about the material, but the immaterial. And the spiritual can be defined as immaterial, relating to the mind.

The use of money allows people to develop more socially by forcing people to communicate with others for the purchase of things. Money can also be considered spiritual when used to help people have knowlege, necessities, and health care.

The powerful members of society in the past didn't trick people of the world into inequality. The founders of society didn't find people naive enough to believe in their system of society, but they used weapons to force helpless people to accept their laws. The founders used violent force to satisfy their evil greed. The founders of society that took land, property, and resources by violent force from the helpless people of the world is the root of poverty, inequality, and evil.

The cure to solve this evil problem of inequality isn't more capitalism, but unitarianism. Some of the wealthiest members of society are generous, and they are the ones that can help the most people. Using money to help people can promote equality and spiritual hapiness for both the giver and reciever.

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