Friday, July 3, 2009

The Deficit is The Rich Man's Investment

The poor man's recession is the rich man's investment. The deficit system we have now eventually becomes more money for banks when the government inevitably pays back the money borrowed with ten percent interest. The economy the European bankers and money lords of America monopolized can be abolished by a simple majority vote in congress. President Barrack Obama has the perfect opportunity to reappeal the Federal Reserve Act. So that Bank members don't have control of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and our taxes don't go to paying these banks the extra ten percent interest. This is the system that President Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy wanted. They wanted U.S notes with no interest being paid back to banks. It is time to destroy the greedy system the rich bankers created for our U.S economy.

It is also time for the United States to invest our tax money to new people that haven't had the opportunity to prove themselves. The bailouts should go to the poorest people, not the rich corrupt executives who have controlled this country from the beginning. The Executives have proved to make bad decisions which caused their corporations to fail, and for that reason they shouldn't be given any bailout money. They are the ones that caused the economy to go into a recession in the first place, and unfairly they get to keep their milllions of dollors that they don't deserve. The poor people should have a chance to prove themselves. Forty-million of the poorest people in the U.S. should be given twenty-thousand dollors a piece to stimulate the economy in the direction people need it the most. The poorest people in the world shoud have the equal opportunity to help the economy as the rich executives had. The rich executives already had their chance and failed to help the economy.

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