Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summary of the Call of True Love

Call of True Love is a screenplay written by Derric Santibanez and registered by the WGA. Call of True Love reveals how a man conquers the unconscious mind to become king of the world. The main character, Buck, gradually develops supernatural powers. These powers help him to convince his friends to follow his spiritual and political plan.

The story begins with a brief dream about Buck's past life as an Aztec warrior, and an outer body experience follows after he wakes up. He soon meets his destined soul mate at a bar in a drunken state. When one of his friends, Carlos, is intrduced into the story, he has a conversation with Buck about all the different definitions of love.

As the story unfolds, Buck's two best friends, Carlos and Jim, trip on LSD with him at the bar on Halloween night. Buck meets his destined soul mate, Lonna, again and discovers her goals are incompatible with his. That same night he has a spiritual experience with Carlos. Carlos is used as a mediator by an alien force to communicate with Buck. Buck chants in a different, alien language as they are both inspired by this alien force. The alien force reveals that there are three aliens in the world, a good alien, an evil alien, and an alien that is neither good nor evil.

Buck is is inspired to learn the power of hypnosis, and practices it on Carlos. During their hypnosis session, Buck discovers that Carlos is possessed by a demon of death. Buck continues to develop his supernatural powers, and decides to experiment with them on Jim. Jim explains to Buck how man is destroying the world because of his materialistic pleasures. Jim tries to convince Buck that they need to fight to stop air pollution, and save the ozone layer from continuing to be destroyed. Buck responds by letting Jim know his goal is not to be an environmentalist, but to go to the other world. Jim tries to convince Buck the importance of finding love in the world you are already in. Buck gets them into a trance by directing them into a certain thinking pattern. Buck begins to telepathically read Jim's thoughts.

Carlos' cousin, Little Bird, invites Carlos, Jim, and Buck to the Indian reservation. When they get there, they take peyote, and take part in rituals to help them have a greater vision quest. A UFO appears above them during their vision quest. The Good alien uses a transportation device to take them to a deeper dimension. In this other dimension, they discover their spiritual and political purposes. Buck is tested by his other self, and he passes the test. He then shifts into a deeper form of energy which helps him discover his past life. In his past life he was an Aztec warrior. He realizes that Lonna was his wife in his past life, and she was killed by the Spanish military. When they come back from the other dimension, Little Bird releases the demon of death from Carlos. Little Bird then evolves and fades away.

Once Lonna remembers her past life, she realizes her goal is to become one with Buck. In the end Buck becomes king of the world, but his soul mate must stay in eternity until the end of the age. They are finally reunited in a UFO at the end of the age.

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